NHL Transfer Window: Trades, Trades, Trades!

For another year, the NHL transfer window has come and gone. We saw quite a bit of activity even before Wednesday, which was the final day for transfers, as it's always a much ballyhooed day in the ice hockey world. 

Usually, Deadline Day sees pundits trying to find stories when no transfers are happening, or breaking down very minor deals that won't have that much of an impact on the season. 

Let's recap some of what has made headlines this week. 

Those Who Deserve a High Five: 

Edmonton Oilers 

The Oilers improved their goaltending situation by locking up Ben Scrivens to a 2-year extension as well as acquiring Viktor Fasth from the Anaheim Ducks.  

Edmonton also sent Ilya Bryzaglov to Minnesota for the Wild's 4th round selection in 2014. We did not see him re-signing with the Oilers, as this year has been a challenging for him. He had a 5-5-8 record this year but many aspects for this Oilers squad have been out of sync.  

Supporters and media alike have expressed a greater faith in the tandem of Scrivens and Fasth for next season compared to what the Oilers started 2013-14 with; Devan Dubnyk and Jason LaBarbera. 

The Oilers also deserve praise because when Viktor Fasth was unable to make it in time for Oilers practice on Wednesday, the club brought in Women's Olympic gold medallist Shannon Szabados to be the second goaltender.  

It was a great move for the club after many on social media, myself included, wanted to see her backup Ben Scrivens for the game versus the Senators, but alas it was not meant to be.  

The Ales Hemsky-era also ended for the Oilers after 12 seasons, as he became an Ottawa Senator. The Oil received a 5th round selection in the 2014 and a third rounder in 2015.  

For many, it was bitter sweet to see 83 go, but it was a move that had to happen, and prevented him leaving as a free transfer in the summer. This way, they got something for him.  

We wish the best of luck to Ales and his new start in the nation's capital.

Florida Panthers 

We felt it was a great move to bring Roberto Luongo back into the organisation. Luongo is still an elite goaltender who can help the Panthers in a massive way. 

Florida also rescued the former Vancouver Canuck from a total systems meltdown. 2014 has been an absolute mess for Vancouver, with the Canucks currently on the wrong side of the playoff divide in the Western Conference.  

Luongo acted with class after being benched last year for Cory Schneider and then again this year for Eddie Lack. He received none of that respect in return from the Canucks. 

Florida's season is admittedly a wash, but next year could be a very different story with a full year of the man known as @Strombone1 on twitter back in the Panthers crease.

Brian Burke on Sportsnet, 5 March 2014.

Brian Burke on Sportsnet, 5 March 2014.

Flames President Brian Burke 

Burke is notorious for not wearing ties properly, and on Wednesday, he just had his tie draped around his neck like it was a new type of scarf. And he did this all while rocking hair that made him look like Al Sharpton.

Here's how Burke appeared Wednesday on Sportsnet...


The Most Awkward Part of the Week: 

Martin St. Louis/Steve Yzerman Saga in Tampa Bay 

Without a doubt this was one of the strangest situations of the NHL season, but at least we have a closure with St. Louis now a member of the New York Rangers. 

Neither side really won, as this started with St. Louis being left off of Canadian Olympic squad, only to be named a replacement after Steven Stamkos could not be cleared to play on medical grounds. After Sochi, St. Louis let it be known that he wanted out and that he wanted to be a New York Ranger.

Steve Yzerman was stuck between a rock and a hard place and many felt that St. Louis was out of line for trying to demand his way out of Tampa Bay. 

Stevie Y could have forced him to finish the year, but clearly he felt that it was time to move St. Louis. In the end, Tampa Bay got Rangers Captain Ryan Callahan and a complicated draft package that depends on whether one or both players re-sign with their new club.

Both were massive contributors to their respective clubs prior to the exchange. The question now is how will they play after the swap? 

The What in the World?! Part of this Week: 

New York Islanders 

Garth Snow's moves were beyond baffling this week. 

It was established that Tomas Vanek would not return, but how the transfer went down was strange.

Vanek was sent to Montreal for Sebastian Collberg and a conditional second selection in 2014, but here's the kicker with this, if the Habs miss the playoffs, then no draft picks will be exchanged. 

A giant "huh" hit hockey supporters across the world. The Islanders had one great year last season where it looked like their days of being a terrible team in the East were over, but now we have no idea what direction Garth Snow is taking the club. 

If someone wants to step up and figure out why the Islanders are so strange please feel free to comment on this article.

With their new acquisitions, let's see which clubs truly improve in the near future.