Tortorella not a twitter fan

A new change for the Vancouver Canucks this season could be less twitter after manager John Tortorella said Thursday he wants players to limit their Twitter use.

Tortorella did say he won’t impose an outright ban.

“I’m not going to handcuff them and treat them like little kids,” the new manager said. ”There better be no information coming out of the locker-room with that damn Twitter.”

“It’s nothing but trouble.”

Several players on the team regularly use Twitter, including goaltender Roberto Luongo, who may be the most twitter savvy member of the Canucks. Luongo’s tweets often receive media coverage from around North America with his unique personality. Other Canucks, including David Booth, Alex Burrows, Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler also use twitter, while some, like Danish forward Jannik Hansen avoid it.

“I don’t have any social media of anything — Facebook, Twitter, I don’t know what else there is,” said Hansen, “But I’m on e-mail.”

Hansen added he “couldn’t care less” about social media.

Chris Higgins agreed with Tortorella’s position.

“I don’t have Twitter,” said the 30-year old winger. “I know a lot of guys on the team have fun with it, and they trade jabs back and forth online. But it means nothing to me, because I don’t like it, personally.”

Tortorella says he respects social media, but wants players to be careful when tweeting.

“I just hope they respect the sanctity of the locker-room,” he said. “That’s the most important thing to me.”